chocolate almond milkshakes / by Maci Britt

Wow… I kind of fell off the blogging bandwagon for a while, didn’t I? I didn’t mean to do it. Life just kind of happened and suddenly I found myself at home for two months, where I happily soaked up every single minute spent in the places I love with people I love.

While away, I…

participated in the August Break photography challenge.
met a blogger friend in real life for the first time. (Check out her gorgeous new blog!)
hiked in Yosemite.
spent quite a few random days in the city.
shot senior photos for the first time.
tried to slow down and be aware of little details.

The blog break was simply a bi-product of so many lunches out (or hurried lunches in) and dinners out or at houses of friends, etc. It was nice. I don’t feel guilty. This little space has always been a natural reflection of my daily life through food, and I hope to keep it that way. Clearly, what it’s been reflecting recently is that I’ve been away, resting and recharging. (Kind of like when my phone battery gets really really low in the middle of the day and I have to go plug it in on the desk and go without it for a while.) I’m back now though, ready to go, and excited about the next few months and what they’ll bring.

Today’s recipe is simple. It’s hardly a recipe. It’s nothing new (to most people). But, it’s still the most frequently requested and made dessert in my house (it’s also tonight’s dessert, by request ;)), and I figured it deserves an appearance on my blog.

So transfer those spotted bananas (yes, this recipe goes off of the ubiquitous banana “ice cream” trick) from your counter to the freezer, check your fridge and pantry for the other three ingredients, and by tomorrow night you can be sipping a dairy-free, guilt-free chocolate milkshake as well!

chocolate almond milkshakes
recipe adapted from love & lemons

[ serves four ]

5-6 frozen bananas, sliced

2+ cups unsweetened plain almond milk

4 tablespoons unsalted creamy almond butter

4-5 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

Blend all four ingredients together in a good blender until smooth. Pour into glasses and drink… but not with paper straws, please. They’re not practical. Just cute.

Note: these ratios are approximate… depending on how my bananas behave, I invariably end up throwing an extra one in, or needing to add more almond milk, etc. I like my shake to be heavy in thickness and medium in chocolatey-ness. Don’t be afraid to adjust as you go… by the second or third time you’ll know exactly how you like it. And there will most likely be a second and third (and fourth, and fifth, and…) time.