roasted squash seeds / by Maci Britt

Two Saturdays ago at the farmers’ market, Micah and I picked up a delicata squash, among other things. As I was preparing it to be roasted one night, I decided to set the seeds aside. I had just read an article on Food52 about things to do with them, and I hate throwing away edible food.

Later that night, I boiled the seeds. That step took hardly any time. Then they went into the fridge overnight until I could finish them in the morning.

The oven preheated while I drank my second cup of coffee. I dumped the seeds out onto a baking sheet, poured a little bit of olive oil over them, and gave them a sprinkle of sea salt and rosemary.

They roasted for just under 15 minutes, and all I had to do was stir them around halfway through. Such little effort overall for such a great salty and crunchy snack!

Since I followed Food52’s instructions to the letter (besides going with a different flavor), I’ll just direct you over there for the steps if you don’t mind :)