waffles with cream cheese, raspberries, and honey / by Maci Britt

Say hello to my current favorite recipe (and the first new recipe on this site)! It does a good job epitomizing the sort of recipes I'm into lately with all of these schedule changes; short ingredient lists and quick assembly are where it's at, folks. 

I've been eating this for breakfast now for longer than I'd care to disclose, but I'm simply not getting tired of this flavor/texture combo! (And did I mention it's super quick and easy?) 

Every Sunday I buy two boxes of waffles, one package of cream cheese, and one bag of frozen raspberries at Trader Joe's, and then my brother and I enjoy this quite frequently throughout the week. We've also had it for a late night snack. And for dessert once. It's versatile that way.

(Also, that photo is basically an ad for Trader Joe's.)

waffles with cream cheese, raspberries, and honey 
recipe adapted from bon appétit

[ makes however many you want it to make ]

Toast the waffles until hot and golden brown. Spread cream cheese over each waffle, stack (if using more than one), and top with raspberries. Drizzle honey all over the top. Eat immediately. 

Frozen waffles (I love the gluten free ones at Trader Joe's)

Cream cheese 

Frozen raspberries, thawed