date shakes / by Maci Britt

So, date shakes. 

I don't really have much to say except that if you've never had one, you're missing out on something really wonderful. Every time I make one for dessert my brother says, "Mace, can I have mine without the dates?" and I tell him no and he drinks the whole thing anyway.

Below is the version I make often- often as in three times in the last five days. What can I say? I bought dates at Costco on Saturday. 💁

date shakes
recipe based on one from sprouted kitchen

[ makes 2 shakes ]

1 1/2 bananas, frozen

4 Medjool dates, pitted

4 small scoops vanilla ice cream

1/2(ish) teaspoon cinnamon


In a blender or food processor, pulse the bananas and dates together to chop, then blend until mostly smooth.

Add the ice cream, cinnamon, and a generous splash of milk and blend. Add more milk if necessary. 

...And that's all there is to it.