everyday stuff - week 7 by Maci Britt


First best part of my week.


Second best part of my week. 


Impatient brother sneaking a piece of pizza on the way to our picnic 😂 


Afternoon coffee/chai tea latte run for myself and my boss.  👍🏼


Afternoon coffee/hot chocolate date with my lovely friend. 


Weddings and babies... for all my friends.  


Saturday morning breakfast: Trader Joe's Gluten Free Frozen Waffles (with mascarpone and Sqirl jam 😋) 


Wrapped up the week with a Trader Joe's run, following back-to-back bridal and baby showers 😊 

everyday stuff - week 6 by Maci Britt


Dots/shadows at lunch


One of my favorite local photographers hosted the coolest day-long portrait session for women, called "Every Woman." I got my picture taken. She has the coolest house.


Sometimes I get lost while driving on country roads near home. This is the sunset one night as seen from a dead-end. 




Another #notsaddesklunch.


Company meeting week is my favorite week at work! My OR-based coworker shared my desk for two days and we practiced Spanish, shared an apple, and got some work done too :) 


French toast in the making. 


Few things I like better than a clean kitchen and this light on a Saturday morning. Endless possibilities. (I made coffee blondies :)) 


The urge to bring some semblance of order to this cabinet generally strikes me around 8pm on any given weeknight and I have to resist. So I tackled it on Saturday between the French toast and the blondies. It's not great, but it's improved. 


Butter + sugar.


Always a pleasure when I actually get to enjoy one (or two!) of Liz's baked goods instead of just double-tapping a photo of them. She made some darn good brownies and chocolate chip cookies for a surprise birthday party on Saturday night 🎉

everyday stuff - week 5 by Maci Britt


Summer vibes in January. 🙌🏼


Berkeley showing off at sunset.


Seriously, though-- iced americano weather!!! In January!!!! 


One of my life rules is "Leftover Cheese Board is always a good idea."


Work from home vibes. (Read: 2pm coffee and leggings all day.)


Thankful for Whole Foods clam chowder (which, yes, I ate in my car, in the parking lot, while reading a book 🤷‍♀️).


Driving into the city at sunset on a Monday night felt like such a treat. 😍


Hayes Valley after dark. 


First time at SFJAZZ for...


...AVP! Best Monday night I've had in a while, all packed in this room singing and praying for a couple of hours. 


PSA: the frozen greek yogurt from Souvla is all kinds of good. SO GOOD. 


Post office scene.


I stopped wearing socks this week.

golden gate park by Maci Britt


Kelsey and I met up for brunch on Saturday (Trouble + Outerlands = a winning weekend combo ). After browsing through Black Bird we decided to walk to Golden Gate Park. It was such a beautiful day in the Outer Sunset... so sunny. Everyone was out having a good time. We saw the windmills up close, Kelsey did a little foraging, and I actually carried my DSLR. Saturdays are 💯

everyday stuff - week 3 by Maci Britt


Andytown with my people.


My church celebrated 8 years in SF! 

Liz wanted ramen for lunch and nobody was mad about it. 


Nothing more relaxing than a lazy Sunday afternoon doodle session in the Outer Sunset.

Favorite work snack. I actually can't imagine eating an apple without tahini. 

Went like 5 days without seeing the sun and SAD was setting in... until this. BLUE SKY! 


Driving home. 


Books in bed. 

When your book matches your cappuccino cup, and vice versa.



My aunt bought a cool BMW and let me take it for a spin. 


Saturday spice party (which will hopefully translate into a new recipe on the food blog this week! :))

everyday stuff - week 2 by Maci Britt


Sometimes it's a good idea to take a different exit and see different sites. 

Someone stuck a flower in an old Christmas tree on the street.

Solo Sunday lunch. Ramen + iced tea + a good book. 

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

First cappuccino of the week was from Linea. 

Monday was RAINY. 


My nearly 6 year old Macbook finally died for good :( 


Fact: the kid's taco kit at Chipotle is my secret weapon when I need a quick dinner before community group on Wednesday. It's my favorite because chips and iced tea are included 👍 And it's less than $6. Win win win. 


A mid-week sunset.


Flowers in our yard. 


I always want to stop and photograph this window (I pass it at least 10 times per week)... this was the week! :)


My favorite way to end the week. In the kitchen, baking. 


This is the lemon bread from The Vanilla Bean Baking Book! I actually haven't tasted it yet, but it sure has looks going for it 😍

everyday stuff - week 1 by Maci Britt


We had New Years' Eve brunch down by the water with my friend Micah after church. 

I had fish & chips which shouldn't be a surprise. This is such a nostalgic meal for me. It's also delicious. 


We stopped off in the Presidio on our way out of the city. Sometimes I just like to come walk on the trails that run along the coast. 


Mount Tam feels like another planet. The heaviness of the fog and the complete silence is almost disorienting. I love it up here. 


Nice tile in the bathroom at El Techo. 


The day I turned 24 was the first day I ever walked across the Golden Gate. It's a lot safer to take photos while walking as opposed to driving, you know.


I took the day after New Year's Day off to extend the weekend a bit and just do stuff around town/at home that I wouldn't normally be able to do on a weekday. Things like: go to the flea market with my mom!


Things like: bake cookies at lunchtime!


Things like: meet my BFFNMHFA and her daughter for coffee!


Back to work with fresh flowers.


Fresh flowers for my fresh new Heath Ceramics vase (thanks, mom & dad!) that I love so much!


Haven't decided if the flowers should sit on the shelf or on my desk, but I'm liking them on the shelf right now...


Gloomy Friday afternoon coffee shop scene. (Also, this was my first cappuccino of the week since Sunday and it was glorious.)


Talked my brother into going back to the coffee shop after we met our parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle for dinner. I wanted another capp and convinced him that he wanted an iced mocha.


Light on the wall at a baby shower.


Not pictured: tacos tacos tacos. 

And that's a wrap on the first week of 2018! 

[New year, new blog post series! I'm excited for this. The goal is to find a home for the many photos I take every week and to document my daily life over the course of a year. It's not always perfect, or beautiful, or even interesting per say, but it's mine and I find a lot of joy in capturing all of it. At the end of 2018, I know I'll love to scroll back through this series. If you're here and reading this, I hope you get some enjoyment/inspiration from following along. There's lots of beauty to be found in the stuff of our everyday lives. Let's keep our eyes wide. ✌]

los angeles with liz by Maci Britt


When 2017 began, I definitely did not think that I would be taking two trips to LA before the year was even halfway over, but that's how things worked out and both visits were so enjoyable. 

Trip #2 was taken with Liz. We drove down on Friday, spent two full days exploring, and drove home on Monday. We spent all 3 nights on Sunset Boulevard in a cute "urban inn" near Echo Park and Silverlake. Scoring a room on the 3rd floor was a treat, and we made good use of the balcony during our stay. (We also probably took WAY too many photos of the same palm tree, haha.)

During our time in LA we rode the bus multiple times because we are adventurous like that (and we didn't want to give up our parking spot on the street) and we also walked quite a bit. Both were preferable to driving, though if (or rather, when) you do have to sit in traffic, all you need is a good friend and a good playlist. ✌  

We did as many things as we reasonably could, balancing all of our running from here to there with plenty of sitting in coffee shops. I was pretty tired from my whirlwind trip to Oregon and Liz had a mild cold, so we wanted to make sure we didn't need vacations when we both returned home from this vacation. 

I've compiled the photos from the trip below, all crammed into one post. This does not presume to be a guide by any means. It's just a recap of where we went and what we did. 

noon on sunset hill

Someone I follow on social media stayed here and I remember making a mental note of how it looked like a pretty cool place to stay... and it was! As mentioned above, we scored a room on the top floor. It was clean and comfortable, with great light, minimal decor, and access to a terrific balcony overlooking Sunset Boulevard. My only complaint would be the coffee situation- a Keurig- but that was easily remedied by the accessibility of Eightfold Coffee (more on that below) down the street.


eightfold coffee

a.k.a my favorite coffee shop in LA. Even if this place hadn't been a five-minute walk from where we stayed, it would still be my favorite, but I am so so so thankful that it was close by. From day one it became a ritual- wake up around 7am, pull on jeans and a wrinkly t-shirt, walk to coffee. Sometimes I sipped it there, sometimes I enjoyed it on our balcony with a book. Most days we returned for afternoon coffee as well. It didn't take long for the baristas to begin recognizing us. We just really loved the atmosphere here. 



I honestly can't remember if we called our super-light meal here a late afternoon snack or an early dinner, but regardless, it was enjoyable. Our orders were nothing special. I was desperate for a plate of lettuce, so the caesar salad made me quite happy. Liz had pizza (and I ate the crust).



We had brunch at Sqirl after church on Sunday. Both of us ordered the famous ricotta toast (how could you not?! 😍), and we also got the sorrel pesto rice for something savory, rhubarb lemonade, and tea with milk & honey. Of course we brought a jar of jam home as well. 

I loved the little details here... specifically the table markers made from lotería cards 👌. 


zinc cafe & market

One unexpected pleasure of our time in LA was getting to have brunch with some dear friends on Saturday morning in the Arts District. Zinc is a really cute cafe, with a small market inside with small kitchen goods, cookbooks, and food items. We ate outside on the patio, under string lights and olive trees. The setting was lovely and the food delicious, but of course the highlight of this meal was the company 💛.



Incredible ramen at Silverlake Ramen. Vegan donuts at Donut Friend. Vegan ice cream from a truck on Abbott Kinney Blvd. A final LA breakfast at Winsome. ...And much more to explore on future visits. 


out & about

You don't have to know me for very long at all to know that I'm perfectly content to just walk a lot in any given place, not necessarily doing anything in particular except taking in all the sights, stopping often to snap photos, and preferably sipping coffee simultaneously. There was a lot of all of that as we explored Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice and Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake and Echo Park, Poketo, Grand Central Market... there's no shortage of bright colors and interesting things to see in LA. 


recent work | yerzy family photos by Maci Britt


A couple of Sundays ago the Yerzy's met up with me in the city for church and in the afternoon we squeezed in a post-picnic photo session. The park provided a perfect setting to capture Oliver's expressions of pure joy. He was having the time of his life on the big metal slide. 

After the park we took a walk down a nearby street to get some Christmas card-worthy shots. This family is so photogenic. Oliver and Salem are two of the cutest little guys I've ever seen. Chris and Tawnee make such a good team and I love watching them interact so well with their boys. 


scenes from the ferry building by Maci Britt


Today the city was so beautifully clear and crisp (in contrast to last Sunday's gloominess) and as it was also the first Sunday in December I decided to venture down to the Ferry Building after church. 

Maybe it's because my family seems to always end up at the Ferry Building on Christmas Eve, or maybe it's because the greenery and the lights and the general vibes this time of year make it seem so holiday-ish, but I associate the Ferry Building with Christmas and so a walk through seemed like the thing to do today. I also felt like being near the water. 


I was prepared for crowds, but it was much less busy than I was expecting. Full enough to feel energetic, but not so full that you couldn't walk slowly without causing a traffic jam. 👍 

I had a pork bun for lunch (it makes my mom happy when I eat lunch on Sundays... I don't have a great track record), followed by a cup of Blue Bottle's Oakland Lights holiday blend coffee. I wore gloves to keep warm, took lots of pictures, stood on the pier, watched birds, watched people, and enjoyed the heck out of everything. 


scenes from oregon by Maci Britt


Back in June, I got the opportunity to spend a few days working up in Oregon! On a Monday morning my boss and I flew from Oakland to Portland, where we were picked up by our coworker and whisked away to some really beautiful sites like Multnomah Falls and Vista House before heading to Newberg, where we stayed through Thursday. 


Newberg is CUTE. I loved every bit of it. Staying in an apartment above a wine shop (just a block from one of the main streets downtown), stopping at a different bakery/cafe/coffee shop every morning on the walk to work, walking to work (a dream), getting to work in person for an extended amount of time with my two Oregon-based coworkers, eating eggs from one of the coworkers' daughter's chickens every morning... I could keep going. 

I can't believe it's taken me so long to document the trip here (actually I can- I'm really bad at keeping up with blogging right now), but better late than never! Enjoy the adorable scenes of Oregon in June, as seen through the lens of my iPhone :)


During our stay, we walked most places- to work in the morning, to lunch, etc. The weather showed off the whole time and was perfectly conducive to a car-free week. I thoroughly enjoyed midday walks through the town.


For a town its size, Newberg has a lot to offer as far as cool restaurants and cafes go. I was impressed! We had dinners at a little Mexican restaurant and Subterra, pastries and coffee every morning from Newberg Bakery and Coffee Cottage, lunches at Ruddick/Wood (pictured below) and Jac's Deli (where I had my first frozen custard experience 🙌), etc. Also notable, though outside of Newberg, is Babica Hen Cafe. It was so wonderful, just thinking about it makes me want to be there right now. 


Our VRBO rental was charming. It was located on a side street just a block or so from downtown, above a wine shop, across the street from an old Victorian house-turned-gift-shop, and within easy walking distance to our Oregon office. The apartment had the best windows, a record player, local coffee, and a gas stove and I basically wanted to move in permanently. 


Caravan Coffee was not within walking distance, but thankfully my terrific coworker drove me over there for a cappuccino on my last day in town! It was cool to get a glimpse of their roasting operation and I had also never seen a Modbar espresso system in real life. Those are pretty sleek. 


'Til next time, Oregon 👋

recent work | johnson family photos by Maci Britt


Any excuse to hang out with Jared and Keri and Anora is welcome. But when I also get to bring out my camera and capture some of the cuteness? It's almost too much. 

We squeezed in this photo shoot just in time for Christmas card season :) First we met up at the cafe, then went for a little walk downtown, and ended at the Johnson ranch for some orchard photos. Here are some favorite scenes!


beach study by Maci Britt

Photo Aug 23, 9 44 14 AM.jpg

Last month I spent countless hours at the beach. Lots of hours walking up and down Ocean Beach, and lots of hours walking, chasing dolphins, and sitting in silence on beaches near Monterey. It's my absolute favorite. My happy place.

On the last day of my mini vacation near Monterey, I focused my photos on textures and objects rather than waves as I usually do. Seaweed freaks me out, as do other small beach creatures (birds are chill), but I don't mind photographing them as long as we don't touch :)

Here are things! 

Photo Aug 23, 9 48 54 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 9 47 14 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 9 41 44 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 9 43 36 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 10 12 30 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 9 54 19 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 10 18 07 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 10 07 06 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 9 49 40 AM.jpg

scenes from mount tam by Maci Britt

Photo Aug 19, 6 59 31 PM (1).jpg

Well I'm horribly behind on blogging, but that's nothing new. Since I last shared photos in this space, there's been another LA trip, an Oregon trip, a Monterey-ish trip, and some more pretty great weekends in the Bay Area. I'll hopefully get around to sorting/sharing scenes from those first three soon, but these photos today are from the most recent weekend.

Photo Aug 19, 6 45 05 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 19, 6 58 31 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 19, 6 38 57 PM.jpg

Saturday was spent at a beautiful waterside hotel in Mill Valley with my friend Brigid and about 35 or so other lovely ladies at a day retreat. To end the day, Brigid and I headed up to Mount Tam for the sunset. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and since we were already in Mill Valley it seemed like the right thing to do.

With no specific direction or location we drove up hills and through redwoods and eventually parked, ran up a hill, climbed a rock, and sat huddled in a blanket as the sunset colored the sky and the fog rolled in, swirling towards us. Happy to have been able to check this off my list of things to do, and also ready to experience it again! 🙌  😍  

Photo Aug 19, 7 00 06 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 19, 7 02 53 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 19, 7 25 28 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 19, 7 00 21 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 19, 7 28 41 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 19, 7 28 51 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 19, 7 32 18 PM.jpg

LA, part 3. by Maci Britt

Our last morning down south was actually spent in Malibu. We woke up, packed up, braved some Monday morning traffic on our way to the coast, and were rewarded with the most delicious breakfast at Malibu Farm Cafe. Food and coffee, with friends, on a pier, over the ocean, on a Monday morning? Yes, please. 

Once my toes hit that sand, I could've stayed happily forever. But of course we eventually had to get back in the car and make the long drive home. Counting down the days until we can do this again! 😊

LA, part 2. by Maci Britt

Sunday in LA was so nice. We took it slower, played things by ear. We had a long brunch at The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills before heading to church. I loved being able to visit Reality LA! 

There was this moment on Sunday, after lunch, where I needed some decent coffee. All I'd had all day was a small cup of hotel coffee and a small cup of Beverly Hills hotel coffee (which wasn't great). We happened to be driving on Larchmont Ave. and I spotted Go Get 'Em Tiger- a coffee shop I'd heard about from Bon Appetit. Alyssa and Tawnee didn't even park. They just stopped (safely) in the street and I hopped out. That delicious cold brew gave me life for the rest of the afternoon, haha. 🙌 

On Sunday evening we ate dinner on a rooftop in Beverly Hills. Recommend. 👌

After the sunset and after we finished our slow, leisurely dinner (a must on vacation, right?!) we went on an adventure to find "Urban Light" at LACMA. It's an art installation made up of 202 antique street lights, and I'm glad we got to see it at night! 

Part 3 to come...

LA, part 1. by Maci Britt

Last month I got invited to tag along on a trip to LA with two of my friends. They'd already booked a hotel room and pretty much mapped out the places they wanted to go- all I had to do was say yes, send some money for my portion of the hotel, and ask for one day off from work. I did all three, woke up much too early on a Saturday morning, and off we went. 

It had been years since I was last in Southern California, and I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would! What a great place. I could maybe live there, but I would probably miss SF too much. First loves, you know?

I imagined my next trip down would be for Disneyland later this year, but as it turns out, I'll be spending another few days in LA next month! So I'm getting these photos from the first trip off my phone before that happens :)

Here's 2 days in LA (plus a bonus morning in Malibu) through the lens of my iPhone... 

Since we made such good time on the drive down (arriving in Hollywood nearly 2 hours earlier than expected), we were able to check a couple of items off the list before lunch on Saturday- Alfred Coffee and Micheltorena Stairs. After the stairs, we popped into a couple of the super cute shops in the area.

Late in the afternoon, after a failed attempt at getting some sun by the hotel pool (too windy!!), we made our way to Venice and explored Abbot Kinney Blvd. Such a cute, cute area! I loved it so much and would've liked to have spent more time there. Next time! 

Well I think that's enough photos for one post! Stay tuned for part 2...

fun with a disposable camera by Maci Britt

Here's an idea for 2017: go to Target. Buy a disposable camera (for $11.99). Take pictures on it all year. When December rolls around, get it developed! 

I bought a camera in October 2015 and took photos with it through December 2016. The best part about stretching it out for so long is the added fun of not remembering which pictures you took, in addition to the suspense of not knowing how the pictures will turn out. That anticipation is lost with digital. 

Of course, this is not about making high-quality photos. They're grainy. The lighting is funky. But heck, it's a whole lot of fun to do something so opposite iPhones and Instagram (which I still love, btw). 

Here are some of my favorites from the last camera. The new one is all ready to capture 2017!! 

The Window Seat at Elmwood. Berkeley, CA. 

The Window Seat at Elmwood. Berkeley, CA. 

Elmwood Cafe. Berkeley, CA.

Elmwood Cafe. Berkeley, CA.

Durant Ave from the Fire Escape. Berkeley, CA.

Durant Ave from the Fire Escape. Berkeley, CA.

Downtown Farmer's Market. Berkeley, CA. 

Downtown Farmer's Market. Berkeley, CA. 

B + L at Dolores Park. San Francisco, CA. 

B + L at Dolores Park. San Francisco, CA. 

The Campanile. Berkeley, CA. 

The Campanile. Berkeley, CA. 

Bougainvillea on College Ave. Berkeley, CA. 

Bougainvillea on College Ave. Berkeley, CA. 

Sunday Lunch at Beachside Cafe. San Francisco, CA. 

Sunday Lunch at Beachside Cafe. San Francisco, CA. 

Go Giants! San Francisco, CA.

Go Giants! San Francisco, CA.

Saturday Afternoon Chill. Berkeley, CA.

Saturday Afternoon Chill. Berkeley, CA.

So, are you going to use a disposable camera this year? Or have you used one recently??