ben howard + daughter / by Maci Britt

Friday night was incredible. I took off work right after lunch and drove to Berkeley, killed some time, and biked to dinner with my lovely friend Micah. After a leisurely outdoor meal (and a basil italian soda) at Elmwood, we walked up to the Greek Theater for a concert. But not just a concert. 


A Ben Howard concert. A Ben Howard concert opened by Daughter.

It was incredible. Spectacular. All the good adjectives. Times ten. 

From the first note to the last, pure talent poured off the stage and into the crowd. I think we all would've stood happily listening until morning. Elena Tonra's voice is perfection (even more so in real life). Ben Howard's is as well, and gosh, his guitar skills are ridiculous.

This was their last show together on tour, so we unfortunately can't chase them to the next city for a repeat. But I'll be replaying the night in my head for a long time (and searching all the Instagram hashtags and YouTube videos). 

I'm curious: What's the best concert you've ever seen?