scenes from berkeley | inside / by Maci Britt

Oh, Berkeley. I’ve really come to love this place. Up until a few weeks ago, the extent of my encounters with the town amounted to a quick run by the original Peet’s Coffee on the drive home from the City.

On my recent trip home though, I got to spend 5 days with one of my dearest friends, who happens to be a current student at Cal :) I had the best time. School and rowing keeps her quite busy, so I explored solo while she was in class or at practice. Then, when she was free, we’d hang out together! We walked to lunch on Telegraph, she showed me around campus, we walked to ice cream after 9pm one evening after she finished studying, we ventured up the campanile, etc. Also, one of the best parts was just hanging out together in her apartment. Sometimes we’d study, sometimes we’d chat, and every night we’d cook dinner together :)

My morning ritual stayed the same, just with a different backdrop. I made coffee in the little spot above, and drank it on the couch in front of that window during my quiet time with Jesus. So lovely.