sunday in the city / by Maci Britt

This past Sunday, my brother and I plus our two friends, Liz + Beau, skipped town and traded the valley for a much needed day in the city. It was the most perfect, refreshing day. Here are some scenes :)

Reality SF. They've been meeting in a synagogue over the summer while Everett Middle School undergoes some remodeling, and it's such a gorgeous venue. Sunday mornings here are my very favorite.

Taqueria. Much debate (and Yelping) was put into the lunch spot choice. Taqueria won in the end. If it hadn't, Beau + Liz never would have taken this wonderful picture.

Ice cream. Ice cream is ice cream. Bi-Rite ice cream is the best ice cream. 

Mari. We got to chill with her for a while after making our way out to the Sunset. She's the cutest. (Not pictured: sass. This girl has it in abundance :))

Here Mari demonstrates the only proper way to eat yogurt. I thought about giving this technique a try at work this week but ultimately decided against it. Looks like fun though, right?

What a note to end on. We finished up with the briefest exploration of Sutro Baths and the fun tunnel down there. Then it was back to the car for more Bon Iver (best sunny-day-in-the-Outer-Sunset soundtrack ever, in case you were wondering), more of the windows rolled down, more of soaking in the perfect breeze, and the 1½ hour drive home.

This is Sunday done correctly.