saturday at 50mm / by Maci Britt

I've been working full-time now for a month plus a few days. It's no joke. The weekend comes and goes before I know it, every week. Today, I woke up two hours later than I have to on weekdays. I drank coffee. I played guitar. I ate waffles. Then I decided to head to Modesto and do fun things I haven't done in a while (and shop at Trader Joe's).

Realizing that this Saturday was full of potential, I decided to document it- on my real camera. The last time I picked that thing up for fun was… well, I really don't know how long ago. So I put it on my shoulder, walked out the door, and didn't return home for six hours. 

Now I bring you Saturday at 50mm, a photo essay (or something). 

Remind me to do this more often.