berkeley art museum and pacific film archive / by Maci Britt

A few Saturdays ago I headed to Berkeley to hang out with my friend Micah and also, well, Berkeley. It had been awhile. 

We headed downtown to check out the new Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive before grabbing lunch at Sliver across the street. 

The museum is very cool. The building itself is so snazzy (I wish I would've taken more photos of the exterior), and there are some neat exhibits at the moment. Walls are alternately filled with paintings and objects, film projections and installations.

I think one of my favorite pieces was Cityscape with House and Gray Energy by Chris Johanson, though I didn't photograph it. It's a brightly colored, busy painting with so much going on that you're forced to look at it for quite a while. 

Have you been to the museum yet? Check it out!