LA, part 1. / by Maci Britt

Last month I got invited to tag along on a trip to LA with two of my friends. They'd already booked a hotel room and pretty much mapped out the places they wanted to go- all I had to do was say yes, send some money for my portion of the hotel, and ask for one day off from work. I did all three, woke up much too early on a Saturday morning, and off we went. 

It had been years since I was last in Southern California, and I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would! What a great place. I could maybe live there, but I would probably miss SF too much. First loves, you know?

I imagined my next trip down would be for Disneyland later this year, but as it turns out, I'll be spending another few days in LA next month! So I'm getting these photos from the first trip off my phone before that happens :)

Here's 2 days in LA (plus a bonus morning in Malibu) through the lens of my iPhone... 

Since we made such good time on the drive down (arriving in Hollywood nearly 2 hours earlier than expected), we were able to check a couple of items off the list before lunch on Saturday- Alfred Coffee and Micheltorena Stairs. After the stairs, we popped into a couple of the super cute shops in the area.

Late in the afternoon, after a failed attempt at getting some sun by the hotel pool (too windy!!), we made our way to Venice and explored Abbot Kinney Blvd. Such a cute, cute area! I loved it so much and would've liked to have spent more time there. Next time! 

Well I think that's enough photos for one post! Stay tuned for part 2...