LA, part 2. / by Maci Britt

Sunday in LA was so nice. We took it slower, played things by ear. We had a long brunch at The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills before heading to church. I loved being able to visit Reality LA! 

There was this moment on Sunday, after lunch, where I needed some decent coffee. All I'd had all day was a small cup of hotel coffee and a small cup of Beverly Hills hotel coffee (which wasn't great). We happened to be driving on Larchmont Ave. and I spotted Go Get 'Em Tiger- a coffee shop I'd heard about from Bon Appetit. Alyssa and Tawnee didn't even park. They just stopped (safely) in the street and I hopped out. That delicious cold brew gave me life for the rest of the afternoon, haha. 🙌 

On Sunday evening we ate dinner on a rooftop in Beverly Hills. Recommend. 👌

After the sunset and after we finished our slow, leisurely dinner (a must on vacation, right?!) we went on an adventure to find "Urban Light" at LACMA. It's an art installation made up of 202 antique street lights, and I'm glad we got to see it at night! 

Part 3 to come...