sunset magazine's bay area idea house / by Maci Britt

Ugh. Guys, I am literally so behind on blogging!!!!! Honestly I've been spending a lot less time behind a computer screen lately (outside of work, of course), which is a good thing (it really is). I've been journaling more! I've been reading more! I've had more time to listen to podcasts and take notes! Like I said, a good thing.

I'll do my best to catch up in this space (and try to be better in 2017 :)), and first up is this house tour- Sunset Magazine's 2016 Idea House, which just so happens to have been built in my favorite town. On a hill. Overlooking my favorite region. Major heart eyes. 

Are you familiar with this idea house concept? Each year, Sunset Magazine builds an innovative house somewhere in the West. They partner with local builders and architects to create some stunning living spaces. 

This year's home is modern and sleek on the outside, but the inside feels very inviting and livable. Each floor features a deck of varying size, encouraging the indoor/outdoor living that Sunset always promotes and that the Bay Area is so well-suited for most of the year.

Needless to say, I was ready to move in from the moment I stepped through that front door. Since that's never going to happen, I'm happy just to have had the opportunity to visit and to photograph the house :)